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"I wanted to learn how to make some tasty dishes using which were predominantly whole plant
and SOS free. I wanted to work with the dishes more familiar to African cuisine in terms of the
grain, beans, legumes, vegetables and fruit used. I wanted to learn how to share my passion for
Life Medicine and for cooking with my clients and 
She is well organised and really created space for the diversity of the group as well the measures
and units we use.

Danielle is knowledgeable was able to answer our many questions or come back with answers at the next class. She was able to share tips on how to modify the recipes with local ingredients. The science of the many lifestyle conditions was woven into the healing properties of the foods. Having her daughter Maya there was a bonus. This is a family that walks the talk.
I have learnt a lot of new wholesome recipes and variations and already people like the creations.
I especially like that we used no oil, no added sugars and lots of whole plants, grains, vegetable
and fruit. The science of the healing properties of foods has also been strengthened.

I would recommend Lifestyle Medicine health care providers to Danielle's culinary education classes and all those wanting to learn more about how to cook to heal themselves."

Samba Nyirenda, MD

Sarai Holistic Care

Food For Life participant

Home Grown Vegetables

"First let me say, the fact that the Food for Life Series presented with an African Heritage focus immediately drew me in. As I have been transitioning and adjusting my eating habits for several months now, this series showed up right on time. It brought the educational facts and statistics to add to what I already know and make the connections of the benefits of the changes. It provided the colorful creative flair I needed to keep the changes exciting while new. As a visual person, the color of vegetables have always appealed to me - your exploration of color in both vegetables and seasonings challenged my creative juices and taste buds. 

The saying goes - when the student is ready, the teacher appears And you appeared for this level up. 

Also, let me say the mother and daughter duo was refreshing and appealing. Even an impressionable example of how I can include my grandkids. Again, thank you for doing this series, and I look forward to participating in other classes you present."


Iris W.,

Food For Life participant

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