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Virtual Personal Training

Be your best self! This 45-minute customized personal training session includes safe and effective total body workouts. Set your goals to be measurable, specific and time-bound for a clearer pathway to success. Contact us for more info.

Older Adults Wellness & Plant-based Culinary Education Programs

As we age, staying active and maintaining healthy eating habits are imperative to well-being. The top priority is to develop a practical program that will prevent chronic health conditions and lessening the effects of other conditions. Some of the services that are offered are as follows: increasing the plant foods in your diet, daily exercise, maintaining an active and social life, and coping with stress. Inquire about packages.

Nutrition Education & Culinary Education Virtual Classes

Nutrition is a complex science of how our food works in our bodies. It can give or zap our energy. We will discuss scientific data on why certain food choices can promote health or illnesses. Inquire about programs and services.

Parent & Child Virtual Sessions

Family movement and bonding can create a lifetime of physical health and emotional connection. Our goal is to create a fun and active lesson that helps improve your health and well-being.  These sessions are geared toward ages 0 - 12. Contact us for more info.

Corporate Wellness Virtual Programs

Healthy and happy employees equals more productivity. Our wellness program will help keep your employees on the best track to health and fitness. Set monthly goals, integrate fitness break into the work day and offer family workouts. Inquire about packages.

Workout Lesson

School Wellness Virtual Package

The best way to live a healthy and active life is to start at an early age. When you offer fitness programs that fun and easy to do, children and adults will be excited to join in. Let's create a program that interlocks with the school schedule and gives students and teachers a break from work. Set measurable goals and allow children to move freely so they can be ready to learn again after their break. Inquire about packages.

Children Meditating
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