Skin Deep Health: Exploring the Connection Between Skin & Nutrition

Tue Jul 27th 7:00pm - 8:30pm


The skin is the largest organ in the body, and surprisingly it is intimately connected with our gut microbiome, the organisms living within our gastrointestinal tract that affect our health and well-being. Learn what you can do to nourish your body -- inside and out! In this holistic workshop, dermatologist Jessica Krant, MD, MPH, will share her experience treating skin with lifestyle interventions, including whole food, plant-based nutrition, and the evidence-based science behind gut health and skin health. We’ll explore how diet can impact even common skin conditions like acne, body odor, and athlete’s foot. PPMNY Brooklyn Organizer and fitness instructor Danielle Medina will lead us in a mindfulness practice and gentle yoga stretches to kick off the session, and we’ll wrap up with a culinary demo with PPMNY Queens Organizer Enrica Sacca, followed by lively Q&A.

Dr. Jessica Krant is a board certified dermatologist, lifestyle medicine physician, and certified mindset coach. She is a member of Plant Powered Metro New York's Medical Advisory Board

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